Anna Rice Cooke Society

The Honolulu Museum of Art was founded by Anna Rice Cooke, who wanted to share her love for the children and people of Hawai`i:
“That our children of many nationalities and races, born far from the centers of art, may receive an intimation of their own cultural legacy and wake to the ideals embodied in the arts of their neighbors…”

The Anna Rice Cooke Society was created to honor and thank Honolulu Museum of Art friends who have provided for the museum in their estate plans.

You become a member of the Cooke Society if you have made one or more of the following arrangements:

•    A bequest to the Honolulu Museum of Art in your will or trust
•    A life income plan for the benefit of the museum
•    A charitable lead trust for the benefit of the museum
•    Designating the museum as a beneficiary to your retirement plan or life insurance policy
•    All donors who have arranged a future gift to the museum are welcomed as members of the Anna Rice Cooke Society. 

There are no dues or fees associated with the Society. Benefits include an exclusive annual Cooke Society reception and special exhibition lectures by the director. If you have already arranged a future gift or would like information about how to do so, please contact Cara Mazzei at 808-532-8715 for more information.